Who Is Ella Dole?

 Written By: Rex Hardson,  Photos By: Nick Weihe, Make-up & Retouching By: Zach Dotson

     Despite a busy schedule the newest addition to the Allure Records lineup was able to join us for a very insightful interview. If you haven’t been following along on our social media accounts, I’m talking about Ella Dole! She’s been shaking things up for Allure Records as a new and innovative artist taking a stance against labels. I had the privilege of sitting down with her and finding out more about the bubbling artist.

Rex Harrison: Hello Ella how’re you doing today?


Ella Dole: I’m doing quite marvelous! Thank you very much for asking. What about yourself?


Rex: Ahhh I’m doing pretty good myself. So there’s been some discussion and I’d like to get this right, what are your preferred gender pronouns?

Ella: Ahh well I’m non binary, but I prefer female pronouns. Thanks for asking!


Rex: Of course. It’s a simple question but an important one. So tell me Ella where are you from? Also how old are you, if it isn’t too forward of me to ask something like that?


ELLA: … *chuckles* well I was actually born in Charleston, West Virginia. I lived there with my family until I was three years old. My father got a promotion and we ended up moving to Madison, Mississippi. We lived in Madison until I was 11 years old. My Mom started up a local essential oils company. Eventually we ended up moving to New Orleans. My Dad would travel back and forth between the two. As for my age I’m twenty five years old!


Rex: Oh wow ! So you’re from a little bit of everywhere! So once you moved to New Orleans tell me what got you into music and how you came to be with Allure Records?

Ella: Well.. that is story all its own. I’ll try to give you a shortened version of the story and not talk your ear off. So I've always enjoyed singing, ever since I was little I can remember singing along with the radio. Shania Twain’s Come On Over came out when I was five years old and my mom bought the album. I remember singing along with the songs and dancing to Honey I’m Home in front of family. My father fueled my interest in pop music and R&B.


Rex: And your Mother and great grandmother were also entertainers?


Ella: Yes that's correct. My great grandmother Lana Dearé  was a bit player and had some success in some early 1930s pictures. I adore what I know about her and how glamorous she was. My mom has told me some stories about her that my grandma had told her. My mom, who you may heard of, Deanna, was signed to MCA records in the 80s. She released at least three singles, with the first having some success across the Atlantic. So I guess star power is in my family. My mom is an amazing singer and has helped push me to pursue singing further.

Rex: Ahhh yes we actually have a short clip to show you! This is from one of your great grandmothers films.


Ella: Hmmm, yes Enemy In Plain Sight I believe! I haven’t seen that one.


Rex: Yes you are correct! I’m so happy we were able to show you that clip! So Allure Records…


Ella: Right, right New Orleans is an fascinating place with a lot of amazing music. I had met some people who were looking for someone to sing background vocals for a song. They’d heard me doing a cover and asked me if I’d be interested. I agreed! I got to the studio and there I met Dan Larson. Shortly after my backing vocalist sessions Dan called and said they were interested in signing me. They wanted to bring some fresh talent to Allure Records. I was gobsmacked that they wanted me!


Rex: So I know you've released your first single Nibble on My Neck, and I feel like it has a unique sound. Yet some critics have called it a rushed release to try to and capitalize on the October holiday. I’ve seen you sing and you’re incredibly talented! So will future projects be more experimental or more clearly defined pop?


Ella: I thoroughly enjoyed working on Nibble on My Neck! I got to have a lot of creative control which is incredibly important to me as an artist! I do feel like the process was very quick. But I wouldn’t change a thing! My first album you’re going to hear a little bit of everything from me. I feel at this point I am the cohesive glue that holds the album together. So yes you’ll be getting a little of everything from my debut album!

Rex: Ahh I must say I’m excited for your next single! I think those are all the questions I have for you today! Thank you so much for your time Ella! I look forward to our next interview and shoot!


Ella: Thank you so much for having me! I’ve had such a great time as well and can’t wait for the next interview as well.


    Overall, Ella Dole is incredibly genuine, friendly, and beautiful! We should be hearing new music from her very soon! Potentially bringing Allure Records back to the top and showing her younger audience to never let someone steal your creative control! Ella Dole is an artist to watch.


Until next time yours truly,

Rex Hardson

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